Designed to inspire...

Designed to inspire...

Garden Artistry™

Designed to inspire...

Garden Artistry™ is a branded collection of seven unique perennial plant combinations inspired by the Lurie Garden in Chicago’s Millennium Park.  The Lurie Garden is an urban model of responsible horticulture and provides a healthy habitat of unique and interesting plant varieties and combinations. Garden Artistry’s design and intent mimics this philosophy.

Follow these steps to bring the Lurie Garden home:
1.  Find a garden center near you.
2. Select your favorite Garden Artistry combinations.
3. Follow the recipe card design template for planting.
4. Care instructions are listed on the recipe card

Garden Artistry™ is sold as seven separate plant combinations, in pint-size pots with design templates and instructions that make it easy for any skill level of gardener to plant, grow and manage. The combination names are fun and unique, they’re designed to make you smile when you say them.

  • Onions n’ Mint ~ contains six pints of Summer Beauty Onion paired with four pints of Lesser Calamintha
  • Home Sweet Hummelo ~ contains four pints of Autumn Moor Grass paired with six pints of Alpine Betony
  • Cry Me A Salvia River ~ contains three pints of Blue Hill Salvia paired with seven pints of East Friesland Salvia
  • More to Bee-hold ~ contains four pints of Eastern Beebalm paired with six pints of Prairie Dropseed

Combinations releasing in 2014 include:

  • Commoner in the Palace ~ contains four pints of Palace Purple Coralbells paired with six pints of Common Oak Sedge
  • Smoke on the Prairie ~ contains four pints of Dwarf Prairie Dropseed paired with six pints of Prairie Smoke
  • Starry Summer Night ~ contains three pints of Summer Beauty Onion paired with seven pints of Blue Ice Blue Star


Look for new combinations to be added annually as the collection expands.